Prices and markets are becoming transparent, while information and supply chain integration are the new value creators. NCTís main strategy is to provide you with high-quality services, adapted to the latest trends and demands of its markets.

Indenting Services

Our Indenting operation provides point-to-point supply of products in container-load or in large quantities between suppliers & the customers

Technical Services

We employ market focussed chemists & technologists who provide our customers with advice selection of chemicals, formulation development, production processes and applications to meet their specific need and thus ensuring unparalleled growth for our principal partners.

Marketing & Sales

RA International FZE operates as a market regulator for its suppliers. We promote and distribute their commodity polymers in new, upcoming and established markets. These commodity polymers are of prime and substandard quality, packed in original bags, silo or under pri

One stop solution for your Trading needs

For every product category that it trades, the company deals in the complete value chain-right from raw materials to the finished products. So whatever is the customer requirement Ė RA International FZE would deliver it.

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